Round Tray 1 – $65
23-piece assortment perfect for potlucks. 5 Haupia, 5 Peanut Butter, 4 Chocolate, 4 Hazelnut Coffee, and 5 Strawberries (slightly smaller than those sold individually to give you more pieces).

Round Tray


Round Tray 2 – $60
(Not pictured)
Round Tray 2:  24-piece assortment for the Haupia and Peanut Butter fanatics!  6 Peanut Butter, 6 Haupia, 6 Chocolate Haupia, 6 Hazelnut Coffee.


Party Tray 1 – $38
*Now Available* 13-piece assortment any hostess would love!  One Strawberry mochi and three each of Haupia, Chocolate Haupia, Hazelnut Coffee Haupia, and Peanut Butter mochi. **NOTE: Not as pictured – new tray available (square black tray)**


Party Tray 2 – $150
Our large tray of 50 pieces includes 10 fresh whole Strawberries (slightly smaller than those sold individually), 14 Haupia, 7 Chocolate Haupia, 7 Hazelnut Coffee Haupia, and 12 Peanut Butter. Great for gatherings with the whole ohana! **NOTE: not as pictured – haven’t been able to get more containers from our vendor. 50pc assortment in x-lge round tray**

Party Tray 2
Party Tray 2